Security Services

Manned Guard

Protection Bureau licensed security guards are specialists in their field. Your hand-picked manned guards provide a range of security services in and around Kolkata :

  • Static site security
  • Reception and security management
  • Gatehouse security
  • Event security management
  • Lock and unlock service

Whether you need ongoing manned security, extra staff for peak times or holiday relief security services, the Protection Bureau guards are fully trained, reliable and smartly dressed to represent your organisation. They will work independently, or as part of your in-house security team.

Body Guard

While employing personal security guards, we keep the client always in center. The threat level, locations and people are always scanned by our Bodyguards. Our Bodyguards are with a vigil eye and skilled with human behavioral logic to understand the situation. Our personal security guards are trained for quick reaction. They are efficient to deal with emergency situations and expert in rescue operations in case of any attack on the client.

Investigation Security

Our Investigations Services are setup to assist customers in creating a Complete Investigation and Security Plan. We can be utilized to address everything from a special concern area to crisis management. Our team specializes in Investigations concerning the public and the private sectors. We also have many years of experience working closely with attorneys on legal case investigations and surveillance. One of the things that makes our team unique is that we are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can conduct employee background checks and investigations quickly and discreetly. Whatever your need, Private Eyes Investigations & Security Services is your answer.

Industrial Security

The true objectives of industrial security are profit productivity. This indicates some elements of security staff roles,the knowledge and skills and personal characteristics. Sufficient knowledge of the activities of the site or the area of the site, at which identify unusual or abnormal events or behavior. Thorough knowledge of procedures, documentation, materials etc which are to be checked. Trained observation skills and ability to be vigilant. Security, fire and safety knowledge sufficient to enable to identify risk that may be encountered in daily routine. Ability to make simple report on an incident or risk either verbally or, preferably, in writing. Good interpersonal skills for both routine and more difficult situations. Strong motivation and communications to the provision of a service that protects the site, promote good relations within the organisation and enhances the organisations image externally.

Housekeeping Security

We are well known for our services in the market and are happy to have you as our customer at Protection Bureau. We provide best housekeeping services and manpower supply we address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience.

Commercial Security

We are a coveted organization engaged in rendering unparalleled Commercial Security Service. As a part of service, we provide the clients with well-trained security guards and officers, who follow strict rules & regulations in the execution of their duties. Our professionals possess excellent written & oral communication skills and are always present on time for the execution of their duties. Besides, our professionals do not make compromises on integrity & responsibility and ensure that the clients' assets are safe and secure.

Bank Security

Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional. Hi - Care1 Guarding & Dog Squad Outsourcing Services provides security services throughout chennai, for all types of banking institutions. When it comes to protecting bankers and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, Hi - Care1 Guarding & Dog Squad Outsourcing Services security officers are at the top of their class.

Event Security

We make special security arrangements for specific events by sensible combination of electronic gadgetry and security personnel. We also make use of computerized systems for coordination and control to ensure that the event goes on smoothly. 

We provide our services to make security arrangements for the following:

  • Beauty concerts
  • Sports
  • Marriages
  • Auctions

We also have the ability to coordinate local law enforcement and medical services and also plans for extreme scenarios. Our carefully devised plans are the result of our incomparable event management capabilities, concern for primary and secondary issues and identification and concentration on every contingency.

Hotel Security

We are offering Hotel Security with following specifications :

  • All arrivals
  • Camera system reports
  • Key control and procedures
  • Staff access control and body searches
  • Discreet two-way radio communication
  • Guest relations, questions and complaints
  • Parking areas of visitors, guests and staff
  • Securing conventions, conferences, high-value items
  • Reporting flawed hotel procedures to hotel management
  • Administrative areas, bars & restaurants - where cash takings are held